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About Us

PCBBay was founded in 2004 in Shenzhen, China. It is committed to providing PCB products and services with high cost performance: providing PCB design services, fast prototypes of middle and high grade PCBs, manufacturing services for small and medium-sized batch PCB production and PCB assemble services. The company always adheres to technology as the guide, and pursues excellent product quality and continuous customer satisfaction.
We always put quality at the core. For PCB design services, we regard product quality as the basis and cost control as the key reference dimension; for PCB samples, we focus on controlling product cost and improving delivery time on the basis of considering quality; for small and medium-sized batch PCB and PCB assemble  services, we strictly control product quality and continuously reduce costs on this basis.
Based on the PCB design and manufacturing experience of many years, PCBBay has developed detailed and rigorous design management process, quality control standards, QA control system, etc. To standardize, institutionalize and process the details and requirements in the PCB design process with technology and specifications, systems and processes, so as to ensure the design quality of each product, and at the same time shorten the product development time and reduce the PCB manufacturing cost for customers; PCB design involves the following fields: instrument, video, network communication, industrial control, medical treatment, aerospace, military industry, computer server, automobile Electronics, satellite receiver (DVB), consumer electronics, portable devices, mobile phones, etc.
PCBBay's PCB production focuses on 2-48 layers of high-precision PCB samples and small and medium batches, adopts advanced cutting-edge production technology and high-quality raw materials, strictly standardizes the operation standards and incoming and outgoing QC standards, ensures that the outgoing products is the precision quality, and strives to provide customers with higher quality, faster and more cost-effective PCB products.
With strong technical strength, high-quality service, strict intellectual property protection measures and good business reputation, pcbbay has become an important partner of electronic companies in many countries. So far, our business has been expanded to many countries and regions, such as the United States, Germany, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Greece, Hong Kong, etc., and gained the height of these partners Approval.


PCBBay is committed to becoming a green PCB manufacturer with a sense of social responsibility. The company actively implements the environmental protection policy and advocates clean production, which has fully met the requirements of RoHS. In terms of energy conservation and emission reduction, low-carbon environmental protection, caring for employees, harmonious communities and public welfare undertakings, our company has been striving to practice.

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