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Business Service


Fast PCB prototype
Design PCB layout
Produce PCB

1. Fast PCB prototype

PCB prototype stage is the most critical period for engineers, students and enthusiasts. In order to help the R & D personnel quickly obtain high cost-effective PCB, we have created a special PCB sample factory. Pcbbay not only makes your boards fast, but also makes your work economic and correct. It greatly reduces your cost and shortens the time to develop your electronic products.

Pcbbay provides a 24-hour (2-tier) / 48 hour (4-tier) rapid prototyping service to check the online uploaded Gerber files to see if they meet our technical specifications. Once the files pass the review, we will inform you of the online payment, and then the engineer will check and optimize the files again for production.

For 10 pcs 1-2-layer PCB boards, the lowest price is USD5. The delivery time is 24 hours.

There is no minimum quantity, After entering some parameters, you can get the quotation quickly . Try it now!


2.Design PCB layout

For PCB layout project, efficient communication is the key to the success of the project.

A. How we work with you
We'll contact you by email and Skype. Contact information is listed on the right side of the page.

B. What we need
1) schematic (. DSN and. Sch suffix)
2) DXF structure drawing (2D drawing in AutoCAD format, used to locate equipment and construction board size)
3) component specifications (specifications must be established together with equipment dimension drawing, and physical one-to-one corresponding packaging). Datasheet manual is required for new packaging
4) special requirements

C. which software do we use
Cadence Allegro, mentor pads, Altium designer and Protel

D. design basis
Design rules, design instructions and customer requirements

E. which files can we send you
Design source files, Gerber files, centroid files, and indicator diagrams .

3.Produce PCB

We have more than 15 years of PCB production experience, can produce 1-32 layers of PCB. We are good at high frequency board, high Tg board, aluminum substrate, thick copper board and other special requirements of PCB. Please check the detailed process capabilities of the factory

high quality raw materials
All material of FR4 are grade A military industry board of kingboard and ShengYi . High quality ink ensures clear solder mask printing and full color.
Quality management system certification
The factory has a complete ISO9001, ISO14001, iso16949, ISO13485, UL and other quality management system certification, the products meet ROHS environmental protection requirements.
Product coverage
The products cover consumer electronics, military industry, medical equipment, industrial control equipment, automobile manufacturing and other fields. Specializing in mass production of all kinds of high difficulty, high precision circuit board.
Quick delivery
Design and production of one-stop service, seamless docking, greatly reducing customer R & D cycle. The sample double-sided board shall be delivered in 24 hours, and the 4-layer board shall be delivered in 48 hours.
Technical support
Our company has a senior design team, which can provide technical guidance, review and reference suggestions for customers' design in the early stage to help avoid the risk of design errors.



We provide SMT assembly and through hole assembly services. Check our assembly process capabilities .

Jintuo as-1000x-n
Adopt ten temperature zone circulation heating, adjust furnace temperature curve of different components, make PCB heated evenly, weld pad and components fully; nitrogen manufacturing machine fully supplies each reflow welding, ensure that PCB board does not occur pad oxidation when it is welded through furnace, and avoid false welding as much as possible.

NXT second generation high speed SMT machine
The brand-new second generation Fuji NXT mounter is produced continuously with double guide rails and advanced V12 working head. It is suitable for the mounting of small components. The line is equipped with 8 modules. The maximum circuit board size of the mounter is 500x61mm and the minimum size is 50X50mm.

AOI optical detection
Through the combination of red, green and blue of high brightness LED light source, it can effectively improve the detection rate of traditional detection difficulties such as bad solder joints, reverse polarity, character recognition, etc. image acquisition and image processing are parallel, which greatly shortens the working time. Mature image algorithm ensures a strong inspection ability.

Quality system
High speed, high-precision reliability equipment, supporting testing and assembly line, perfect manufacturing management and quality control ability of consumer products, passed ISO9001:2008 quality management and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification.