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Packaging and Storage

So as not to damage items during transport, we carefully pack every item.

1. Packaging specification

A. must be vacuum packed
B. the number of PCBs per stack is limited by the maximum number according to the size
C. specification of the coating density of PE film and provisions of the width of the reserved edge
D. specification requirements for PE film and air bubble sheet
E. carton volume size specification
F. buffers need to be filled between the inside of the carton and the PCB board
G. endurance specifications after carton sealing
H. maximum weight limit of each case

matters needing attention:
A. information that must be written outside the box: such as "shipping marks", P / N, version, cycle, quantity, origin country and other important information.
B. relevant quality certificates shall be attached, such as slice, weldability report, test record, and test reports required by customers. Place it in the way specified by the customer.
2. Storage specifications
A. first of all, the vacuum film around the PCB board shall not be damaged. When packing, a layer of bubble film shall be wrapped around the box edge. The water absorption of bubble film is good, which plays a good role in moisture-proof. It is better to place some moisture-proof beads in the box.
B. PCB is placed orderly and labeled .
C. after the box is sealed, the box must be kept away from the wall and the ground, and stored in a dry and ventilated place, and avoid being exposed to the sun.
D. the air temperature of the warehouse shall be controlled at 23 ± 3 , and the air humidity shall be kept at 55 ± 10% RH. Under such conditions, the surface   treated PCB boards such as gold deposit, electro gold, tin spray and silver plating can be stored for 6 months, and the surface treated PCB boards such as silver deposit, tin deposit and OSP can be stored for 3 months