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PCB process Capabilities
PCB layout design Capabilities
Rigid PCB Capabilities
Flexible PCB Capabilities
Rigid-Flex PCB Capabilitie HDI PCB Capabilities PCB'A (SMT) Capabilities

1. Process Capabilities of PCB layout design

Max layer 42 Min Trace width 2.4mil
Max PIN number 110000+ Max number of connections 78000+
Min Space of BGA PINS 0.3mm Max number of BGA-PIN 2912
Max signal frequency 60GHZ Min Trace Space 2.4mil


Total number of pins on PCB Delivery days (business days)
1000以内 3-5
2000-3000 5-7
4000-5000 8-12
6000-7000 12-15
8000-9000 15-18
10000-13000 18-20
14000-15000 20-22
16000-20000 22-30


2.Process Capabilities of Rigid PCB

item Rigid PCB process capability Detail
Base board Layer 1-48  
Board Material CEM-1、CEM-3、FR4 (High Tg,
 Halogen Free),High Frequency, Heavy Copper,Rogers,Teflon,
 Arlon, Metal Base (Aluminum, Copper), Mixematerial,PtFe,BT.
Materials brand KB,Shengyi,Nanya,Isola,
customer specify
Max board size 650x1060mm Tolerance of the dimension size: +/-0.13mm
board thickness 0.13-6.0mm Normal thickness:0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0/2.5 mm
board thickness Tolerance ±5% T>=1.0mm, Tol: +/-5% T<1.0mm, Tol:+/-0.1mm
Hole  Min Hole Diameter (by machine)  0.15mm Recommended design is 0.3mm or more, if possible
Min Hole Diameter  (by laser) 0.05mm  
drilling hole size tolerance (by laser) ±0.01mm tolerance by laser: ±0.01mm
drilling hole size tolerance (by machine) ±0.07mm tolerance by machine: ±0.07mm
Thickness to diameter ratio 10:1  

Hole diameter of half hole
0.5mm Half hole process is a special process, and the minimum hole diameter shall not be less than 0.5mm
Max hole diameter of NPTH 6.50mm  
Max hole diameter of PTH 6.50mm (filished hole diameter of PTH) Tol: +/-0.05mm
welding ring of through hole single side 4mil Via with a minimum of 4mil and device hole with a minimum of 6mil, increasing the through-hole welding ring is helpful for over-current
line Min Trace width 3mils(1oz Finish Cu) 4/4mil(copper thickness 1 OZ),5/5mil(copper thickness 2 OZ),8/8mil(copper thickness 3 OZ),It is recommended to increase the line width and line spacing if conditions permit
Min Trace space 3mils(1oz finish Cu) 4/4mil(copper thickness 1 OZ),5/5mil(copper thickness 2 OZ),8/8mil(copper thickness 3 OZ),It is recommended to increase the line width and line spacing if conditions permit
Line to board edge distance ≥0.3mm(12mil) CNC:≥0.3mm V-cut:≥0.4mm
Copper weight Copper weight for Internal layer 1/3-14OZ Refers to the connecting line width of two copper sheets in the line
Copper weight for External layer 1/3-12OZ Refers to the thickness of the copper foil of the outer circuit of the finished circuit board
Special process Special production process   Resin plug hole, pan hole, Rogers mixed pressing plate, blind hole, bonding IC (special process needs to be reviewed first), blue glue, red tape
character Aspect ratio of character 1:5 Suitable ratio of width and height, more conducive to production
Character height ≥0.8mm The minimum height of characters. If it is less than 0.8mm, the characters of the physical board may not be clear due to design reasons
Character width ≥0.1mm The minimum width of characters. If it is less than 0.6mm, the physical board may cause unclear characters due to design reasons
Surface Coating Surface Coating Immersion Gold,HAL,HAL
Pb free,OSP,ENIG,
Immersion Tin,Immersion
silver,plating Gold,
Carbon oil,Hard Gold,
Gold Finger
Immersion Gold Au: 2-6U" HASL Sn:100-1000U" Immersion silver Ag: 0.15um-0.75um OSP Thicknes: 0.20-0.50um Gold Finger Au:30-60U",bevel edge 20°,30°, 45° Hard Gold Au:30-60U" Immersion Tin Sn:0.8-1.2um
Solder Mask color Gloss & matte green Red, Black, Yellow, Blue,white
Immersion gold Au: 2-6U''  
HASL with lead Sn:100-1000U''  
HASL lead free Sn:100-1000U''  
Immersion silver Ag: 0.15um-0.75um  
OSP Thicknes: 0.20-0.50um  
gold finger Au:30-60U''  
hard gold Au:30-60U''  
Carbon oil Carbon oil sun serial
Immersion Tin Sn:0.8-1.2um  
Beveling for gold finger / v-cut Bevel angle 20,30, 45 Degree
solder mask Bridge 0.1mm  


3.Process Capabilities of Flexible PCB

classification Specification unit Standard
  Min inner layer pad size mil 7<=6 layer) 10( >7layer)
Min grid line witth/space(negative fim) mil  5/5(1/2 0z basel,6.5/5(1oz base),8/5.5(2 oz base)
Min via pad ring width(one side) mil   5 (via pattern plating if less 5mil)
Slot hole size tolerance mm +/-0.15
Min space from outer layer conductor to
Rigid-flex conjunct point
mil 8
Min deep control slot width at Rigid-flx conjunct point mm 5
Flex material FCCL supplier   TAIFLEX
FCCL PI thickness mil 0.5, 1
FCCL copper thickness oz 0.5, 1
CVL thickness mil 0.5,1,2
PI stiffener thickness mil 3, 5
adhesive thickness um 25,40
lower flow prepreg   Arlon 1080(49N)
adhesive requirement on stack-up   adhesive thickness>=total adjacent copper thickness;
only adhesive between two conductor layer is not allowed.
CVL requirement on stack-up   CVL thickness >75% of total adjacent copper thickness


4.Process Capabilities of Rigid-Flex PCB

classification Specfication unit Standard
Inspection standard Quality Inspection   IPC 6013 Class I,IPC-A-600G
Test method   IPC-TM- 650,GB/T4677-2002
General Capability (Rigid-flex) Max layer layer  1-6(flex), 2-10(Rigid-flex)
Board thickness(minimal -maximal mm 0.07 - 4.0
Maximal board size inch 10*18
Contour tolerance by CNC machine mm +/-0.15
Contour tolerance by laser mm +/-0.05
Manual cutting outline mm +/-0.5mm
Min layer registration mil 8
Stffener location deviation tolerance mm +/-0.2
Min SMT pads space for
immersion gold or goldplating
mil 5
Min thickness of single layer mm 0.07
Min thickness of double layer mm 0.16
Board thickness tolerance
mm +/-0.075
Board thickness tolerance
mm +/-0.1
Board thickness(>1.0mm) % +/- 10
Min finished copper thickness
in inner layer(1/2 0z base)
um 12
Min finished copper thickness
in inner layer(1oz base)
um 25
Aspect Ratio   10:1(min hole size 0.20mm)
Min space from hole wall to
mil 8(2 layer), 10(3,4 layer), 12(>=5 layer)
Min space form hole wall to
conductor(Buried/Blind hole)
mil 9( 1 laminating process),
10( over 2 laminating process)


5.Process Capabilities of HDI PCB

No. Item HDI PCB Process Capability
1 Layer 4-12 Layer
2 Stage 1+N+1/ 2+N+2/ 3+N+3
3 Min. Trace Width/Space 2.5/2.5mil
4 Min. Mechanical Drilling 0.15mm
5 Min. Laser Drilling 0.1mm
6 PTH Plating Aspect Ratio 12:01
7 Electroless Plating Aspect Ratio 0.8:1
8 4L Min. Finished Board Thickness 0.4mm
9 6L Min. Finished Board Thickness 0.6mm
10 8L Min. Finished Board Thickness 1.0mm
11 Min. BGA Center Distance 0.5mm
12 Min. Solder Resist Opening 0.05mm


6. Process Capabilities of PCB'A (SMT)

capacity of SMT production: 3.5 million solder joints / day
SMT production line: 6 set
Throwing rate: Resistance and capacitance: 0.3%
IC: no throwing
Board type: POP/Rigid PCB/FPC/Rigid-flex PCB/Metal Core PCB


Specification of mounting components Min Component Package 03015 Chip/0.35 Pitch BGA
Component Size accuracy ±0.04mm
IC chip precision ±0.03mm
Specification of mounting PCB PCB size 50*50mm -774*710mm
PCB thickness 0.3-6.5mm