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PCB layout Design Service PCB board design and PCB'A PCB assembly

send us pcb schematic file and special requirements, offer you best price shortly!
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As you know, PCB Layout Design is a customized service. You send us design files and service requirements, and we will send you quotation list within 8 hours .

please Send your PCB Design Schematics and requirements to us:  596572895@qq.com


PCB Layout Design

A.Senior design team

More than 3 years of professional design experience, providing solutions from design to manufacturing. Our design concept: the best design is "design quality" + "cost control" + "convenient debugging and maintenance".

B.High difficulty design experience

Good at high-frequency, high-speed, high-density, digital analog mixing, high power, high current, high Tg, RF, ATE, rigid-flex board, etc. ,1000+ pcs PCB design experience for each year.

C.Rich technical resources
Cooperate with chip company in the early stage, accumulate forward-looking technology, master the most advanced technical information, fully consider EMI, EMC, manufacturability and maintainability design.

D.High standards of confidentiality

Sign the confidentiality agreement, manage the company's network and computer in a closed manner, and approve all the company's output documents to ensure that 100% of the documents are not disclosed.


About Us

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PCB layout Design Capabilities

Max layer 42 Min Trace width 2.4mil
Max PIN number 110000+ Max number of connections 78000+
Min Space of BGA PINS 0.3mm Max number of BGA-PIN 2912
Max signal frequency 60GHZ Min Trace Space 2.4mil



PCB layout Design Flow

for detail information of PCB layout Design, please view here


Delivery days

Total number of pins on PCB Delivery days (business days)
<1000 3-5
2000-3000 5-7
4000-5000 8-12
6000-7000 12-15
8000-9000 15-18
10000-13000 18-20
14000-15000 20-22
16000-20000 22-30



Quality Control

A. Training + specification + procedure

Perfect "design guide" and "design specification", provide additional technical suggestions beyond layout, and a first-class training system

B.check list

Check list strict quality system and self inspection mechanism for layout, wiring, rules, aesthetics, thermal design structure, etc

C.Senior teams review together
For schematic design, DFM, DFT, high speed, EMC, thermal design, etc