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PCB prototype,volume production & PCB
PCBBay is a professional PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen,China.    It work as one stop center for PCB produce and SMT assembly , auxiliary R&D and skill sharing. We are dedicated to saving your time and costs of R&D .

           In order to save customer's R & D cost and shorten the R & D time, we have a specific sample factory to configure equipment and production management process under the guidance of fast and low-cost PCB sample production  .

           In order to produce PCB with high quality and reliability, our high-end products factory is equipped with high-capacity production equipment and testing equipment, and has appointed experienced engineers and workers .

           As one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers and assemblers in China, we are willing to share our technology and experience with you, help electronic designers around the world to remove obstacles in R&D, reduce R&D costs, and make hard R&D easier and easier .